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The Lynn Andrews Shaman Mystery School Pre-Registration Program

The Lynn Andrews Shaman Mystery School Pre-Registration Program

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The Pre- Registration program allows you to receive some incredible benefits while you decide when YOU will begin as an apprentice in The Lynn Andrews Shaman Mystery School. 

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If you are already an Apprentice in The Shaman Mystery School, please use this link to enroll for your next year: Existing Apprentice - Enrollment Link

When you participate in the Pre-Registration Program for the Shaman Mystery School with a deposit of $250*, you will be entitled to receive the following additional benefits:

  • The opportunity to begin building and strengthening your energy connection with Lynn and the Sisterhood of the Shields now. 
  • Four Directions of the Sacred Wheel Information Sheet. 
  • A Pre-Session mentor who will help with your questions about the school..
A download link to two of Lynn’s, Mask of Power MP3's:
  • The Face of the Earth Mask of Power Face of the Earth
  • The Masks on the Altar Mask of Power The Masks on the Altar

    Most people in the Shaman Mystery School find that they want to supplement the teaching materials with the Mask of Power information early on in their Mystery School experience. As a participant in the Pre-Registration Program, you will receive these FREE of charge!  
These two additional MP3's will introduce you to the shaman way of understanding and building energy:

  You will also receive:

You will also receive:

      * This is a NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT which will be applied toward your Mystery School Tuition once you enroll as an apprentice. The Shaman Mystery School now has open enrollment, which allows you register anytime.

      By making this payment, you agree that: “I am enrolling in the Pre-Registration Program and paying a $250.00 non-refundable deposit, which will be deducted from my first quarter tuition once I enroll in The Shaman Mystery School as an Apprentice.”