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Sun-wheel – Spinning the Chakras

Sun-wheel – Spinning the Chakras

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 I have found in the past in working with people that over and over again the sunwheel seems to be the problem.  People have a lot of anger these days, a lot of frustration.  And when they have anger that they don’t express, the energy gathers there in the root chakra, which is red, the seat of initial power and passion, sometimes anger.  When you have unexpressed anger, that sunwheel can begin to turn in the wrong direction.  It can begin to turn to the left instead of to the right, sunwise, which is what you want.  You want that energy field always to circulate toward the right. Excerpt by Lynn Andrews, Sun-wheel - Spinning the Chakras Meditation.

 From the 1994 JT Dream Weaving, The Luminous Tapestry of Light and Shadow MP3 PKG.

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