2011 The Great Sky Shields: End of Illusion CD Pkg

2011 The Great Sky Shields: End of Illusion CD Pkg

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Joshua Tree 2011 -The Great Sky Shields - End of Illusions 

Recorded live at  Lynn's 23rd  annual Joshua Tree event at Ghost Ranch in New Mexico. With this 6 CD set we work with the Great Sky Shields, you will learn to understand power in a very different way.

You will define yourself carefully, instead of living a life of illusion. You will feel the edges of your own aura of reality, rather than allowing them to be defined and contained for you. Together we will discover where those edges meet the unknown,as you welcome the great unknown into your life,instead of looking at it as something to be feared... Simply because it is unknown.

This set includes: The Star Shield Meditation - Shaman Dance of Power With Shields - Heyoka Power Animal Meditation - Four directions Teaching - Release Shields Meditation - Self Shield Meditation With White Star woman - East Shield Meditation .

Featuring the music of:  Jack Lee -Fred  Mitchum - Scarlet Rivera - Scott Rosner