The Mask of Power - Arousal of the Inner Fire 1 & 2

The Mask of Power - Arousal of the Inner Fire 1 & 2

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Mask of Power, Discovering Your Sacred Self. Individual MP3 Digital Downloads, Set of 2. Set 6.

The Mask of Power shows us how to make and use our own shamanic mask and discard the false masks we wear in our everyday lives as we come to a full realization of our own power through the art and magic of mask-making, which has been used universally by shamanic cultures through the ages. Teaching from 1990 Joshua Tree Event - the Mask of Power

Includes:  2 digital downloads (Note: These two downloads come in a zip file.)

MP3 Set 6: Arousal of the Inner Fire (Tracks 1 & 2)

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The Mask of Power Workbook in print is also available.