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Writing Spirit - HC  - Book 13 & NOW Available as an eBook!
Writing Spirit - HC  - Book 13 & NOW Available as an eBook!

Writing Spirit - HC - Book 13 & NOW Available as an eBook!

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In Writing Spirit, New York Times and internationally best-selling author of 19 books and workbooks Lynn Andrews discusses her own journey to become a writer, complete with all of the struggles she has faced along the way.  By giving examples from her life and examining specific pieces of her own work, she explores the process of writing from beginning to and imparts her considerable knowledge to novice and experienced writers alike.  Not straying from her spiritual roots, Lynn explains how being true to our spirit is the key to fulfillment in our work, whatever our work is.  She leads us on a journey to finding the truth within ourselves and teaches what it really means to be a person of power.  This book is itself a magical work of art that will inspire the creative genius that is within each and every one of us.

Vintage Lynn Andrews:

'Your life has meaning. Your life is special. Your life is like no other. So celebrate your differences. Celebrate your power.  Celebrate the integrity of your very special personality.'

'The writer’s soul is where my passion and curiosity live.  It is not how or what you write that is important.  It is your creative spirit.  The musician, the writer, the artist within the inspirational moment needs to be held in the most precious of ways .… '

'It is risky sticking one’s neck out, poking one’s head above the crowd, to express new ideas and infinite possibilities.  It is even risky to listen with an open heart and mind to new ideas.  We risk all that we know for the great adventure of the unknown, the sacred mystery.  But always remember, life is worth the risk.  Living your truth is worth the risk.  It is your heritage, your birthright.'    

'If you have ever allowed yourself to go through a chaotic surprise in your life without being terrified or trying to hang on to the old, instead opening to the new, you have found in that experience that God is always there. The Great Spirit has a hand on your back and breathes the power of truth through the wind. Breathe deeply, you are not separate, and you are not alone.'  

Praise for Lynn Andrews:

'Lynn Andrews is a quietly powerful phenomenon.'  Los Angeles Herald Examiner. 

'She is full of the joy and enthusiasm for life which come with enlightenment.'  Conscious Living magazine, Australia.

  • Pages : 239
  • Publisher : Tarcher (May 2006)
  • Type : Hardcover Book
  • Language : English
  • Copyright : 2006

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