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We are thrilled to introduce Kathleen as the new Mentor for Writing Spirit, The School!

Kathleen is one of Lynn’s first apprentices for The Lynn Andrews Shaman Mystery School

Kathleen began studying with Lynn Andrews in 1988. She completed The Lynn Andrews Shaman Mystery School in 1999 and has been an active member of the Kindred Spirits Graduates since 2000. Kathleen is a registered nurse, retired from Denver Health and Hospitals. She finished her career in a community outreach program, the Nurse Family Partnership. This is a strength based mentoring program, that looks for the good and builds on it, by tailoring to the needs of the individual client and family. Kathleen is an artist and a writer and a member of the Rocky Mountain Fictions Writers Association, attending the yearly Colorado Gold Conference which is dedicated to supporting and developing writers at all levels.

Our mission is to bring our participants into a safe and sacred healing space where they will use writing as their shamanic tool for connecting deep within themselves, delving into the shadows, and exposing the light that lives there, bringing it out into their world.

Lynn's curriculum takes you on a journey into your heart. Writing Spirit, The School, is about finding your creative soul. You have a unique voice. It is your style; your vision and it is purely your own. How wonderful it is to share your beauty.

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