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Writing Spirit - The School - Program Details

Lynn's Legacy Continues!


This is an energetically choreographed, two-year program designed to move you into and out of yourself using writing as a sacred shamanic tool of divination and self-discovery all while navigating the waters of your own words in search of your Writing Spirit, Your Creative Soul.

Our Program

General Information:


The school runs year around with two 44-week programs, Year One and Year Two, consisting of bi-weekly reading and writing assignments (you can register anytime during the year). 


Each year you will be writing through the workbook curriculum, exercises and writing your own work.  


This is not a school about how to write but rather a journey using writing as your vehicle for transformation and discovery.

If you are writing a book or wanting to write a book, this program is designed to help you along the way.  Several of our students have books underway and a few have finished and published their first books.  Join them on the authors shelves and bring your story, your voice, your authentic truth out into the world.

Discover the writer within as you move through a maze of inspiration and creativity.

Who is the Mentor for Writing Spirit, The School?


Year One:

The first years program energetically tips you over, bounces you about and introduces you to a wide range of voices and styles as you write your way around the Lightning Flash Wheel (aka The Hero's Journey) using Lynn's book, Writing Spirit as your guide.  You will read a variety of pieces from many authors and work through weekly writing assignments designed to take you out of your writing comfort zone, allowing you to let go of your expectations of "how to write".  You may be asked to write backwards, copy a whole chapter, write poems or dive deep into the depths of Duende, that ever present sense of death that Lorca so exquisitely writes about.  Your workbook will include a series of exercises, assignments, stories, poetry and prose. You will be reading and writing, writing more and continuing to write through the forty-four weeks of this curriculum.  This first year will help you unite with something deep within you far more passionate and important than a best seller... you will unite with the art, the mysterious living art within You... Your Writing Spirit.

Year Two:

​The goal of year two is for you to learn the independent skill of extracting different abstract points of view from literature and use them to enhance your personal writing.  This second year incorporates more shamanic tools of divination and discovery as you dive deeply into the water of the sea of words. Or... if you prefer, soar on the thermals as a hawk eyeing your literary prey upon the fertile ground below, using guided imagery, journey work, art, poetry, prose and story telling.  You will be searching, finding, grasping and working with four "Oracles".  Each quarter you will be introduced to a new Oracle hidden within each of the works of the designated or chosen author you will be introduced to or find.  The study of each piece (fully read and digested), reveals the voice of its Oracle.  You will walk a labyrinth, design your own museum of words, journey deep within the chasms of your own writing and journey in conversations with the masters, truly developing your voice as WRITER.

Frequently Asked Questions:

"How Long Should I Plan To Spend Each Week Doing The Schoolwork?"

Most participants find that a couple of hours a week is sufficient to complete the "tasks" but will often find themselves driven deeper into the work and willingly spend more time with the exercises.  

"How Long Is The Class?"

It is a 44-week program, delivered electronically, over a 10 month period of time

"Do I Have One On One Help?"

Yes! You have a personal mentor or phone chats and email correspondence as you want or need it.

"What Should I Expect From The Beginning?"

Personal contact from your mentor, interaction with your classmates as you delve into the work.