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The Power Deck: The Cards of Wisdom - Link to Amazon

The Power Deck: The Cards of Wisdom - Link to Amazon

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I want you to take out our Power Deck, she directed me.  It will help you to dive below the surface of your innermost thoughts.  I took out the beautiful cards that were newly glossy, 45 of them in number, 44 representing each of the members of the Sisterhood of the Shields, the 45th card representing the Sacred Self.  Whenever you do anything of importance Lynn, even if it is simply beginning your day, I want you to pick a card from the Power Deck, choosing it in a sacred way, rubbing your hands together, and blowing the breath of spirit across your flattened palms.  Close your eyes and hold your hands over the cards.  The one that is calling you will feel warm.  Pick it and read the message that is on the other side of the painting, and as you read it, remember the beautiful image that is in the other side of the card.  It illustrates the words that you are beginning to understand. Agnes Whistling Elk, 1992 JT Drumming the Sacred Dreamer MP3  Click here to purchase 1992 JT Drumming the Sacred Dreamer

Forty-five beautifully illustrated cards present revelations from the universe and mystic wisdom. An accompanying book of affirmations and meditations help illuminate the meaning behind the images and instill them in your heart. 

To heal the earth, we must first heal ourselves. "The Power Deck, helps you find the primal source of your pain, or limitation, so that it can be healed.  Pick a card each morning and place it on your altar of empowerment.  When you look at it, you will stop for a moment to move into that silent place within you, that place where truth is born. Each card promotes beauty, health, strength, and wisdom in your life."

 The Power Deck cards piece together aspects of your personality using imagery of Mother Earth and Father Sky. These help you to explore and accept the positive and negative sides of yourself through the lens of nature’s binaries. Stunning cards and affirmations teach you that both the shadow and light are important to personal growth and reaching higher levels of consciousness.

A powerful tool for tapping the ancient wisdom of the planet. The Power Deck Cards presents a path to reclaiming one's personal power. The affirmations are designed to help convey lessons of power, to reveal the wisdom of the universe.

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Click here to order The Power Deck Cards on Amazon

ISBN-13: 9781582706948

ISBN-10: 1582706948