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Medicine Woman Visions: The Healing Power of Your Inner Oracle #4

Medicine Woman Visions: The Healing Power of Your Inner Oracle #4

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The Healing Power of Your Inner Oracle: The Transformative Energy of the Sacred Vision Oracle Cards

“Medicine power is the power to bring harmony and balance into your life and into the life of others. When you begin to balance yourself in a medicine way, you begin to see magical glimpses because you are telling the beings of the earth that you believe in beauty. You are becoming beauty…. To learn medicine is to spin or to weave the concept of life into tangible forms. To lift beyond your ordinary vision and see the forces that give us life. This is why I am teaching you to understand things with all of your being, with all of your senses.” Agnes Whistling Elk

You will get a PDF with links to download files separately as they are too large for one file. Includes: PDF Handbook and (2) MP3 Meditations.


Preparing for Love
Seeing Who We Really are
Working with Power
Healing and Transformation


Butterfly Tree Meditation MP3 From JT 2009 Calling in the Thunder Beings.
Self Shield Meditation MP3  From JT 2011 The Great Sky Shields.

From the 2017 Online Course, Medicine Woman Visions; Returning to the Basics of Shamanism.  This is the 4th teaching in the series.

From the 2017 Joshua Tree Medicine Woman Visions MP3 Pkg

Quote in Acts of Power on March 19

For more information on the medicine of shields, we recommend “Spirit Woman” by Lynn V. Andrews (also published as “Flight of the Seventh Moon.”)

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We offer each of the four courses within a series individually. This allows you to go on a Self Guided Journey and pick and choose how you will approach the materials.  Within a given series the Online courses are designed to allow you to begin where ever you choose. Example: If you decide to take series two, there is enough reference material from series one for you begin series two.  

All the meditations are contained within the course handbook.