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2000 JT Self Love & Spiritual Opulence:  Getting out of God's Way MP3 Pkg

2000 JT Self Love & Spiritual Opulence: Getting out of God's Way MP3 Pkg

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"The oneness is that we are all part of the Great Spirit, we are all part of that light.  Light is what we are moving towards, each of us at our own pace with our own exquisite differences and individuality; we’re moving towards light.  We are not all the same, we are beautifully different but that doesn’t mean separate.  Think about that, not separate.  We’re going into oneness.  The first lesson of power is that we’re all alone.  The last lesson of power is that we’re all one; but you have to go through the aloneness to get there.  We are different.  We have different conditionings, different instruments to work with as a body, different teaching paths, whatever you want to call it.  But inside each of us, light is light, love is love, and we are not separate from each other, we flow together." Lynn V. Andrews

This Set Includes: 

Music Interlude
Opening Lecture
2000 Constriction, Spirit Wheel, Spirit Contract
Sacred Objects
Dark Side of Altar Meditation
Experiental Journey to La Caldera
Power Animal Meditation
Music Interlude
Ordination Ceremony
Inner Lodge Altar Meditation
Awards Ceremony
Altar of Self Love Meditation
Drum Music Closing Prayer
Music, Scarlet's Wolf Song, Closing Prayer
Scarlet Rivera songs
Morning Prayer, Altar of Spiritual Opulence
Lecture on Opulence
Closing Lecture 
Message From Lynn

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 Featuring the Music of  Scarlet Rivera

Over 9 hours of live teachings by Lynn Andrews.