What is the Mystery School

Overview of the Shaman Mystery School

The study of shamanism is about learning to go into your own physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self and listen to the voice of sacred spirit as it speaks directly to you.

You discover how to move into the flow of the universe, letting go of the barriers to perception that are so much a part of the social conditioning of our modern world. That is why I have dedicated my life to this path, to healing Mother Earth, healing the mind and heart through the ancient practices of the shaman, the medicine women, the mystics who know that we must retrieve the ways of the Ancients before it is too late. What did they know that enabled them to live successfully on this Earth for so very, very long … that we have forgotten in such a short span of time?

This work is mystical and life changing.

As you go through the stages of shamanic training, you find that you develop a powerful and very individual point of view that is based on what is real and knowable to you. Gone are the days of being blown about like a tumble weed by what someone else determines life should be all about. You move out of chaos and stand firmly in the center of your own Circle of Truth and Knowing.

About the Shaman Mystery Programs:

The Lynn Andrews Shaman Mystery School is a four-year Sacred School. During the first 2 years, you learn to Heal your Self-Wound, the conditioning and experiences that have created energy blocks and kept you from finding your Authentic Self and joy in life. Through healing the Self-Wound, you acquire and develop your shaman sight, perception, world view and the ability to heal and empower yourself.

In the final 2 years, as you continue this journey of shamanic development and deep personal learning, you experience how to take what you are learning out into the world to heal and empower others.

Pre-Registration Program

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4 Year Program

Upon successful completion of all the four-year requirements:

1. You are Ordained as a Minister and legally able to create your own Sanctuary of the Sacred Healing Arts through an affiliation with the International Assembly of Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards.  Ordination takes place at the annual Kindred Spirits event the year after you graduate.  (The Kindred Spirits event fee is $600).

2. You will also be certified as a Spiritual Intuitive Healer or Diplomat of Earth Stewardship and a Graduate of the Lynn Andrews Shaman Mystery School.

3. You will be eligible to join the Kindred Spirits Graduate Program.*


As an enrolled apprentice of my Shaman Mystery School, you are ALSO eligible to receive college credits for your training toward a B.A., M.A. or Ph.D degree. This is a separate program through an affiliation with the University of Natural Medicine located in Santa Fe, NM. To learn more about the program, please click on the button below.

FAQs on 4 Year Degree Program >>


2 Year Program

Should you choose to complete only the first 2 years, The Healing of the Self-Wound:

1. You will become an Earth Steward.

2. Receive a Professional Certificate.



The Four Cornerstones of our work together:

Mayan Tempe Ruins in Tikal, Guatemala

The Sacred Wheel of the Four Directions – how to use the energies of Mother Earth to heal and empower your life around the Sacred Wheel.

Indigenous peoples have used medicine wheels for thousands of years. No two cultures share the same medicine wheel although there are aspects that are universal, growing out of a spiritual bond with the Great Spirit and Mother Earth and a recognition that people are part of the great Oneness of life.

The sacred wheel that is used by the Sisterhood of the Shields is born from our understanding of Mother Earth and the Sacred Feminine as it has been preserved and handed down from shaman to apprentice, from mother to daughter, for many thousands of years. Using a teaching wheel allows you to look at something from a circular perspective so that you can see the whole picture at one time.


The Creation of Sacred Art – the epiphanies that come when you manifest spirit into form with sacred intent.

Throughout all of our work together, I use the creation of sacred art as a way of helping you discover within yourself the talents, truth, strength and healing abilities that make you the magnificent individual you truly are. Creating sacred art is a way of taking what is intangible within us that we so often don’t know how to access and bringing it into the physical dimension so that we can see it, hold it and learn.

You will create your own Shaman Tools of Power – your drums, rattles, Talking Stick, Prayer Sticks, Face of the Earth Altar and Alter Cloth, and the Masks, Kachinas, Fetishes and Spirit Dolls that enable you to learn so much about yourself and your pathway in life.

Each art piece embodies the essence of what it is you are seeking to become, know or accomplish, created with specific intent as a bridge between your conscious mind and the power and mystery of healing, the sacredness of being alive. My apprentices are not trained artists, yet all are amazed at what they are capable of doing when they move out of self-judgment and into sacred spirit, trusting that their focus and commitment will take them to a higher vision for living. In transcending the mind, you transcend your confusion and move into your heart. When you place your focus on manifesting spirit, an epiphany occurs that changes an aspect of your consciousness forever! In beauty is truth. Find what is beautiful for you, surround yourself with it, and your life will change. Click here to view our Apprentice Gallery of Sacred Art!


Lucid Dreaming – building and strengthening your Dream Body so that you can enter other planes of awareness to find insight and wisdom for daily living.

Lucid Dreaming is a way of having a dialogue with the divine. From your dreams, you receive inspiration. Then you manifest this inspiration in your life, and the sacred spiral of your existence is set in motion.

You enter the Dreamtime through your Dream Body, which is that part of you that dreams. It is one of the most powerful gifts you will ever have, the place of energy within your being of light that travels – sometimes at will and sometimes not – into a parallel reality, and I will show you how to access and strengthen it to focus your dreaming abilities for a higher purpose. Symbols are the language of our dreams, and you will learn how to understand the meaning of your dreams. As you learn how to access your dream body, you align your point of view with the power and flow of the universe and you move into harmony with life.

Your dream body has to be built, and we will do that together, carefully, meticulously, through sourcing your luminous fibers. This is the web of luminous shine around your body, also called your energy body, the counterpart of your physical body. As you learn to work in your energy body, you become fluid and “unrigid;” you become able to transport yourself to the farthest reaches of the universe. You begin to perceive the power and energy of the Creative Force which is the Great Spirit and how it is manifested in the world, and you begin to receive that energy and wisdom into your domain.


The Wisdom of Mother Earth, the Spirits of Place and Your Own Body-Mind, the Universe of Spirit Within

Thoughts and words are like lightning in a storm. Lightning is a gift from the mountain spirits and, like words and thoughts, announces its presence and protection to the new shaman; it is an electrical shock that awakens you to the world of possibility around and within you. When you can talk to a plant, knowing that plant is alive and has a spirit, and you eat the plant, it gives away to you; you receive power from the spirit of the plant.

Take a stone in your hand and meditate on it; go into the stone and experience her quiet soul; see how you are each an enduring mirror for the other. You will learn how to work with crystals and shaman stones. You will also learn how to find and work with the Elementals, the water spirits that play on the surface of ponds and streams, the Keeper of the Language of the Trees, the Wisdom of the Rainbow, and so much more.

You will discover and learn to work with the essence, spirit and wisdom of the four-leggeds, winged ones and denizens of the waters, your own Original Power Animal and the pantheon of power animals and spirit guides that are around you always, waiting for you to invite them in. You will learn how to use the energy of the four seasons of Mother Earth to guide and empower you; it is a source of tremendous force and vision.

Our universe is magnificent in its manifestations of power, but when you go to the center, when you go to the beginning of things, you move, not out into the world for your instruction, but to the interior world, the Universe that Lives Within. It is from the essence of this universe that all life is born. You will learn how to go into your Body-Mind to access its innate wisdom; to clear and invigorate your Chakra system, discs of brilliant, radiating light in your body that have the power to heal you on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels; discover and go into those places in your body where you harbor stress and energy blocks, often since early childhood, to understand and heal the source of your distress before dis-ease sets in. The body has an amazing ability to heal itself once we learn how to disconnect from the stress we harbor.

Have you ever read something profound and then realized that it is something you already knew but had not been aware of until that moment, read something that awakened a knowing you already carried? That Knowing is the wisdom of your Body-Mind, and you will learn how to access its wisdom with every breath you breathe.

 Elemental Lodges

There are four Elemental Lodges within which these sacred teachings live, one for each year of the School. Those Lodges are:

Year One, Air: “Lodge Of The Winds”

Develop keen insight and the ability to perceive energy.Year One, Air: “Lodge Of The Winds”

Aspiration is what stimulates power. To step into power, you must have a strong foundation of capability, trust in those around you and responsibility

More on Year 1 >>


Year Two, Earth: The “Lodge Of The Earth”

Come from your own personal truth.

You become a true apprentice to power as you create your Sacred Power Tools and learn how to heal ignorance, chaos, and negativity

More on Year 2 >>


Year Three, Water: “Lodge Of The Marriage Basket”

Go deep to find your passion and joy.

Heal your emotions as you prepare for the Sacred Marriage of Self to Self, find your Spirit Mate and become heard in the world

More on Year 3 >>


Year Four, Fire: The “Lodge Of Spirit”

Become One with and empowered by the unconditional love of the Great Spirit.

Connect to the power, joy and Oneness of all that is. Move out into the world to manifest your dreams; moving deeply into the Sacred Dreamtime through

More on Year 4 >>


Details on the Curriculum

Lynn blesses an Apprentice’s Shaman Drum.

This Mystery School is a four-year “school without walls.” You will receive a Curriculum written by me for each Quarter of all four years of the Mystery School, filled with Teachings, Sacred Tasks, and Experiential Exercises and Wisdom. We only learn about ourselves through experience, and my teachings are carefully and skillfully designed to move you into the experience of the teachings through examining, understanding and applying them to the experiences of your own life as you develop new skills and strengthen your own world of ability, talent and knowing. This is the way the Sisterhood of the Shields taught me, and it is the way I will teach you. There are two live Retreats each year.

Lynn Andrews Mystery SchoolEach aspect of this work is intended to move you through your own personal gateways using your Notebooks; special audio recordings available only to Mystery School students; conference calls and conversations with me during our Gatherings; ongoing communication with your Mentor and your Mentor Group; and our two live Retreats each year. There are practices you are encouraged to use on a daily, weekly and monthly basis – for example, building your Dream Body and other aspects of awareness and higher consciousness – and there are specific Projects which you must complete towards Graduation, Ordination and Certification.

You work at your own pace, but always remember that you get out of life what you put into it. If you are familiar with my books, you understand on a very deep level that apprenticeship in shamanism requires dedication and a lot of good work. It is a journey that will enrich your soul as you heal your emotions and your relationship with your physical body and find a greater sense of purpose in life.

So let’s begin our journey! With great joy and excitement, I am here for you.

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Pre-Registration Program

About the Storm Eagle Training

The Storm Eagle Training is an end-of-year, roll-up-your-sleeves session of instruction and practice that is a requirement of the School.   Currently, the training is held in Scottsdale, AZ and runs from Wednesday through Sunday in early November. Storm Eagle Training is a quickening of the work you have accomplished throughout the year. You will have an opportunity to sit in an intimate teaching circle with me, and you will work with me and advanced Graduate Apprentices to acquire new teachings and abilities. You will be able to share your work with your peers. It is truly a coming together of our sacred community. This process will pull in power to support you in your own personal healing and facilitate your growth as a shaman healer in the world. You will find yourself venturing further than you ever thought possible. Please note: Storm Eagle Training is required to be Ordained as a Minister and Certified as a Spiritual Intuitive Healer.  The Storm Eagle Training can be attended only by those who are enrolled in the Mystery School.

For additional information, please contact Kahndi Smith,  lapregistrar@gmail.com.



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