Writing Spirit, The School

Writing Spirit, The School
Have you ever dreamed of writing a book?
Becoming a writer?
Is there a book inside you wanting to be born?
Enter into the power and majesty of your own Writing Spirit with New York Times best-selling author Lynn Andrews.


A Shamanically Crafted Writing Program

This is an energetically choreographed, two-year program designed to move you into and out of yourself using writing as a sacred shamanic tool of divination and self-discovery all while navigating the waters of your own words in search of your Writing Spirit, Your Creative Soul.

Our mission is to bring our participants into a safe and sacred healing space where they will use writing as their shamanic tool for connecting deep within themselves, delving into the shadows and exposing the light that lives there, bringing it out into their world.

"To be someone as a writer means to be able to speak one‘s true self with as much honesty, humor and integrity as you can find in your soul!  Remember that before a human being thinks of others, you must have been un-apologetically yourself.  You must have taken the measure of your own nature in order to master it and employ it for the benefit of others like yourself.  This is my gift to you.  Let us work together to discover your writing spirit and touch your creative soul." 

In Spirit,

A Student’s Journey…

I sought direction,
And The Sacred Wheel became my compass.

I built a Bridge,
And discovered a world of possibilities.

In the dark of the West,
I found light.

In the Hall of Mirrors,
I found laughter.

In the Teachings of the Wind,
I found change.

In the strength of my Teacher,
I found empowerment.

When my work was less than perfect,
I found acceptance.

On a journey to the desert,
I found new friends.

And in the flash of a Lightning Bolt,
I found my Writing Spirit!

Thank you, Lynn...
Thank you, Thank you!

~Athena (Teena) Tainio, Class 2010
Copyrighted material reproduced with permission of author

Writing Spirit Class 2010 

Previous Students said...

If you are looking for a creative writing class where there is a criteria on sentence structure or grammatical elements – then this may not be what you are looking for. This is a class of self-discovery. A way of writing that allows a person to look within a mirror of your own imagination and voice. Lynn Andrews writes in her book on “Love and Power” that if we wait for an external acceptance of anything we do, then we can never become the master of that art. This class is self-paced and teaches you to trust the process of your own psyche by using the tools of the [writers] wheel and the support of that effort.
~Evelyn Schultz, Class of 2010

Just wanted to say what a blessing this weekend [year end gathering] was for me and how very grateful I am for the chance to be with you all in person. I am humbled and inspired by your beautiful writing spirits. Thank you for the courageous and generous sharing of yourselves.
~Sarah Telles, Class of 2010

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