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1992 JT Drumming the Sacred Dreamer MP3 Pkg
1992 JT Drumming the Sacred Dreamer MP3 Pkg

1992 JT Drumming the Sacred Dreamer MP3 Pkg

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To give birth to a medicine drum is a most sacred event.  A medicine drum after its initiation indeed has a life of its own and becomes a great bridge between you and your world of spirit.  Each drum has its own voice.  The parents of this drum come together to form life, just as we do.  In our case there was a giveaway from a tree, a tree being that gives its body in form so that the drum may have form.  If you make a drum out of something other than a tree, other than wood, even if it’s so called inanimate material, like plastic or some kind of metal, it is still a form that was created by the Great Spirit and is a giveaway to us, to our drums, so that they may have life as well.  The drum becomes the voice of the tree or whatever the form of the drum is made from.  The elk gives its hide so that the drum will have a face so that the drum can be played and a rhythm of mother nature can live through it. Lynn V. Andrews

 11 hours  of teachings, meditations, Q & A's, prayers and more.

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Questions & Answers – Thursday P.M.

4th Year Ceremony

Shaman Dance of Power

Basic Power Animal Meditation

Higher Power Animal Meditation

Crystal Domain of the Sacred Master Meditation

Lake Woman of the Thunder Drum Meditation

Questions & Answers – Friday A.M.

Lifting Depression Meditation

Questions & Answers – Friday P.M.

Holding Power in the 4 Directions


Chakra Clearing Meditation

Centering Meditation

Word Magic Meditation

Stress Wheel

Questions & Answers – Saturday P.M.

Sunset Ceremony

Blessing the Drums – Saturday Night

Opening Prayer & Directions Ceremony

Ending Lecture