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Learning to dream is part of the magic of recovering our original nature. Throughout history and across the world, shamans everywhere have always considered dreaming to be a conscious activity, not an unconscious one.  It is the bridge to a higher consciousness in every aspect of life, and it is one of the great universals that is shared by all people, everywhere.  We go into the dreamtime to learn about our sacred selves – how we think, how our emotions can grow as we move towards enlightenment.

Medicine Woman Visions: The Four Hoops of Power

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The Four Hoops of Power were taught to me by the Sisterhood of the Shields as a way for me to truly grasp the different levels of consciousness and awareness that are achievable when I open to them. Hoops of power symbolize the experiences in your life.  They are one way of seeing how you are growing.

Included:  Self-Guided Course -The Four Hoops of Power Handbook pdf, Act of Power Meditation MP3 and My Self Mask of Power MP3.

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You will get a PDF with links to download files separately as they are too large for one file.