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Healing Grief and Loss

Healing Grief and Loss

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Self-Guided Course!: Healing Grief and Loss

Grief deepens you. It allows you to explore the perimeters of your soul. Grief is the only gateway to certain levels of consciousness, and it is a hard taskmaster. Through grief you can explore every aspect of your dark side – anger, pain, abandonment, terror, loneliness; and these are aspects of the sacred wound that in our daily lives we usually try to ignore. Grief forces you to look at those parts of yourself that are not yet healed. If you can look at grief as a teaching, you will grow. The pain of grief is not the only teacher in this life, but if looked at properly, with awareness and an open heart, it is one of the greatest teachers of all. The seeds of wisdom and enlightenment are planted within the wounds of grief. What is lost can only come back to us again in higher ways.

Included:  Healing Grief and Loss Handbook, Earth Wisdom: Death & Transition Meditation MP3 and the Video Conference with Lynn from 2015 on Healing Grief and Loss MP4

You will get a PDF with links to download files separately as they are too large for one file.

We offer each of the four courses within a series individually. This allows you to go on a Self Guided Journey and pick and choose how you will approach the materials.  Within a given series the Online courses are designed to allow you to begin where ever you choose. Example: If you decide to take series two, there is enough reference material from series one for you begin series two.  

All the meditations are contained within the course handbook.