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Star Woman - SC - Book 4
Star Woman - SC - Book 4

Star Woman - SC - Book 4

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Star Woman, We Are Made from Stars, and to the Stars We Must Return, Book 4 of the Medicine Woman Series

In yet another national and international best-seller, Lynn continues to serve as a bridge between two different worlds, the primal mind of ancient knowledge and our modern consciousness.  In this book, her quest leads her into the most frightening and difficult place of all: the dark side of her own spirit, where she must confront and conquer her secret weaknesses and deepest fears, guided by Twin Dreamers, another of the Sisterhood of the Shields and a shape-shifter.  It is a book that challenges our traditional western beliefs and basic premises as it shows us how to unravel the final mystery of self and tap the extraordinary powers within the grasp of us all.

'I am not an anthropologist, though some like to cast me in that role.  I am interested in wisdom and personal power.  Periodically I detach myself from my own culture in search of ancient knowledge.  In the process, I live and work closely with my teachers, Agnes Whistling Elk, Ruby Plenty Chiefs and others of the Sisterhood of the Shields, women of unbelievable force and magnetism.

'‘Everyone’s life is being in a trap,’ Agnes once said to me.  ‘But this is especially true of women.  I am teaching you the ways of an escape artist, how to remove yourself from your own delusions.  For a woman there are many predators.  I am teaching you more than simply how to run and hide.  I am teaching you how to make your stand.’'

Star Woman, through the eyes of the critics:
Booklist:  'A wondrous spiritual and temporal progress as an apprentice medicine woman … one woman’s quest for spiritual unity and enlightenment.'
San Francisco Chronicle:  'A glimpse of other realities … we’re reminded once again of the power of our thoughts and the crippling effects of fear and self limitation.' 

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