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Kindred Spirits Program

The Kindred Spirits Program (KSP) is about renewing and strengthening your spiritual commitment to yourself. It is a wonderful way to renew our spirit and recommit our hearts, which in turn supports and strengthens our sacred community. This is your sacred circle, your spiritual family. You earned your spot in this circle through the work you did in completing your four years in the Shaman Mystery School. There will always be a place for you at our fire.

The Lodges of Kindred Spirits will continue to build and strengthen our work together. The community that is created in each Lodge is an extraordinary gift. The Lodges meet at the Spring Gathering, at Kindred Spirits gathering, and participate in conference calls throughout the year. Lodges have also played an integral part in supporting the Spring Gatherings, and over the years the Lodges have created fabulous Oracles and have contributed to this event in many different ways.

You can Register below based on the Level of Participation (Level 1 KSP BASIC Circle or Level 2 KSP CORE Circle) you would like. To learn more about the program  BEFORE MAKING YOUR PAYMENTS, please visit our detailed information pages beginning here.

Kindred Spirits Program

If you have ANY question regarding registration, please contact the Registrar prior to registering. 

Read more about the Kindred Spirits Program Financial Disclosure, Cost and Payment Schedules below.

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